Security and Property


On 2 September 2020 we became FCDO Services. Read more about our name change.

3_Security and Property

We are experts in securing government in the UK and in the most difficult of locations overseas. We keep people, property, assets and information safe, protecting against physical, technical and cyber-attack. We achieve this by delivering and managing every detail across the design, construction, installation and operation of physical and technical security services.

Security is our keystone in the lifecycle of all our projects, from building an embassy to the installation of secure conference rooms with secure communication facilities.

Our worldwide team are trained specialists. They understand local challenges and design, build and maintain secure working environments globally, including in the most remote and hostile locations around the world.

We are in government and deliver for government in the UK and overseas. We understand diplomatic needs and support international diplomatic organisation through tailored products and services.

We provide a hard to match in-house skill set, from architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, structural and blast engineers, security engineers, environmental specialists, building and quantity surveyors, interior designers, site supervisors and project managers, to technical installers, locksmiths, builders and electricians.

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