Technical security and cyber services UK NACE


As physical, electronic and cyber attacks become ever more sophisticated, we can help you manage the risk of hostile threat and provide assurance that you are effectively protected

The UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (UK NACE) is managed by FCO Services and has more than 65 years of experience in detecting and protecting against technical espionage and attacks.

A world leader in its field, UK NACE can tailor services to requirements based on the risk to your assets. The team work closely with the UK government to implement policy and provide them with services to enable and support technology securely. Services include;

  • Technical security vulnerability assessments
  • Technical security inspections
  • Technical security advice, guidance and training
  • Technical security countermeasures
  • Technical security monitoring
  • End-point cyber forensics and investigation
  • Secure operations centre
  • Cyber convergence centre