Global Digital Technology


On 2 September 2020 we became FCDO Services. Read more about our name change.

Our digital services supports millions of global end users, innovating with smart technology for government business of the future

We deliver critical products and solutions to millions of end users, supporting the government and public sector globally. We shape government thinking, so our next generation solutions use smart technology, whilst looking ahead to government business of the future. As physical, electronic and cyber attacks become ever more sophisticated, we manage the risk of hostile threats and provide protection assurance.

As a secure provider of operational support services across the globe, we provide technology that safeguards our customers’ data and supports diplomacy worldwide.

Smart use of technology is crucial to improve service delivery to the public, to reduce costs and to reduce carbon footprints – all of which are high priority objectives for us in the public sector. Our comprehensive portfolio of secure digital services makes it possible to achieve ambitions without compromising on security.

Our digital offerings includes a range of cloud software, hosting and support, traditional IT, cyber security and bespoke services, safely managing data and processes.

We manage the risk of hostile threat and provide cyber and technical services. The UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (UK NACE) is managed by FCDO Services. UK NACE has more than 65 years of experience in detecting and protecting against technical espionage and attacks. A world leader in its field, UK NACE tailor services to requirements based on the risk to assets. The team work closely with the UK government to implement policy and provide them with services to enable and support technology securely.

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