Moscow Embassy

Security and Property

We are experts in securing government in the UK and in the most difficult of locations overseas. We keep people, property, assets and information safe, protecting against physical, technical and cyber-attack. We achieve this by delivering and managing every detail across the design, construction, installation and operation of physical and technical security services.

Global Digital Technology

Global Digital Technology

We deliver critical products and solutions to millions of end users that supports the government and public sector globally. We shape government thinking, so our next generation solutions use smart technology, whilst looking ahead at government business of the future. As physical, electronic and cyber attacks become ever more sophisticated, we manage the risk of hostile threat and provide protection assurance.

Diplomatic Bags

Network Services

Our customers overseas require a global and local responsive secure support network, which we expertly deliver worldwide. In the UK, we provide translation and interpretation into more than 60 languages by experts who understand your legal, political and business environment. These services are delivered by our trusted staff, who are all security cleared.