We are working to develop our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. FCO Services is fully committed and aligned to the FCO’s policies on sustainability:

• To ensure that all aspects of our operations are managed sustainably and that environmental considerations are at the heart of what we do
• To reduce our global carbon footprint, and meet our performance obligations against central government sustainability targets in accordance with our Greener Government Commitments (GGC)
• To work closely and engage with wider government; including Cabinet Office, Treasury and Defra
• To implement HMG policy on sustainable procurement and comply with GGC requirements on sustainable procurement
• To communicate our performance, initiatives and efforts to reduce our environmental impact both internally and externally

In addition, FCO Services will report transparently on its sustainability performance, to ensure it reduces and meets its environmental obligations in following areas:

• Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Reductions in waste
• Domestic flights
• Water
• Paper consumption

In addition to the long –term targets:

• Energy efficiency improvement of 30% by 2020
• Reduce waste by 25% by 2020
• Increase recycling by 75% by 2020
• Reduce water consumption by 25% on the office and non-office estate by 2020

The Government’s continued commitment to sustainable development and the sustainability agenda means that FCO Services recognises the importance of reducing its environmental impact. In 2014:

1. February, FCO and FCO Services were certified by the Carbon Trust as achieving the Carbon Trust Standard (for Greenhouse Gases) and the Carbon Trust Waste Standard. These certifications represent credible external validation that the FCO and FCO Services have cut their carbon emissions and waste, and have good carbon and waste management practices.
2. May (and December), FCO Services became a registered participant in the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres – reinforcing our commitment to making energy and cost savings.
3. August, the FCO’s Environmental Management System was re-accredited to ISO 14001, an international quality standard awarded to organisations with high standards of environmental management. The fact that we are tenants of the FCO, as well as our joint initiatives, enables us to support the FCO and contribute towards wider government targets for the sustainability of its estate and act as a leading example to both public and private sectors.
4. Collaboration with The Woodland Trust in the Carbon Mitigation Programme, and staff initiative in the planting of trees in Heartwood Forest (the largest new native forest in the country).