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FCDO Services is working hard to support our staff and those they care for, our customers, stakeholders and supply chain partners through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whilst the pandemic has created operational challenges, our core services providing high quality IT platforms for government, supporting consular services and security provision have not stopped.

As usual, our teams are in operation around the world and we are constantly adapting to a very dynamic situation so that we can continue to be effective and proactive in our response, empowering our staff with the leadership and resources they need, brought together under a coherent strategy.

In everything we do, we are diligently following the advice of the UK Government and the Chief Scientific Adviser. We are enhancing this by integrating local guidance in the areas we operate to ensure that we protect the health of our staff, those they care for, our customers and others.

As ever, we are working shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and across the UK Government to ensure that our response supports and aligns appropriately with theirs.

We are also working dynamically with our customers, supply chain partners and stakeholders to continue operations through the pandemic period and beyond.  We are taking steps both to support partner organisations with their immediate response – and on the planning of future work together.

Some activities have been inhibited due to restrictions on movement, or as a result of government advice. However, we remain in active, continuous dialogue with customers and suppliers and continue to prepare and plan future projects at home and abroad.

The coming months are far from predictable, and we are confident that we are doing everything possible to prepare for developments and events in order to best support our people, those they care for, our customers, stakeholders and supplier chain partners. There will be challenges, and we are ready to meet them with you.

Our customers

We are in regular contact with our customers at both organisational and individual levels to jointly plan our response to the pandemic, manage live project work and prepare for the future.

Supply chain partners

We hugely value our supply chain partnerships – and partner organisations. They play a crucial role supporting the work we do for customers in the UK and overseas. We are dynamically engaging with our supply chain to understand the factors governing their return to full capacity so that we can provide them with as much notice as possible of key events to limit down time. Within government advice and other constraints, we are collaborating to maintain as many operations as possible during the period of disruption.

We have written to all active and recent FCDO Services suppliers encouraging them to engage with their usual FCDO Services contact or through our central team. Please do engage with us: we want to maintain an open, supportive and constructive dialogue through the weeks ahead so that we can navigate the pandemic together.