Partnering with the UK’s digital industry to deliver Government’s digital ambitions

Realising and achieving Government’s digital aspirations is now one step closer through FCO Services’ Transformation Hub, a marketplace for digital innovation, technologies and research.

From its position within government and proven digital capabilities, FCO Services has a clear insight into the challenges government departments face on their digital journeys. With techUK, they have recently called out to the UK’s digital innovation industrial base, to join them in their transformation challenge through a series of five workshops this summer.

Rob Eason, Director, Global Digital Technology, FCO Services said:

“This collaboration is an fantastic opportunity for FCO Services and digital suppliers to focus and distil, market and deliver government secure digital services faster, better and cheaper.

“These five techUK workshops will delve into powerful smart technology, including big data analytics, internet of things and blockchain to explore how together we can deliver better government and public services.

“It’s an exciting opportunity that has the potential to revolutionise current thinking.”

Visit techUK’s website for more information on the workshops.