Flying the flag for sustainable vehicles

We have delivered the Foreign Office’s first hybrid and electric diplomatic vehicles. These new cars will reduce the carbon emissions from the diplomatic fleet around the world.

Plug-in hybrid electric Range Rover being charged in Geneva. The Union Jack flag is draped over the windscreen and the small flag attached to the front right side of the car, to show it is a diplomat's vehicle, is clearly visible.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) use a range of vehicles for their work at embassies across the globe. Diplomats’ official cars must represent UK interests and be appropriate for their location.

Our dedicated Overseas Vehicle Procurement team procure most of the FCDO’s official diplomatic vehicles, such as flag cars.

This team recommend vehicles based on the embassy’s requirements, alongside the conditions and infrastructure of each individual vehicle’s destination. They then source and deliver the vehicle to the embassy.

Reducing carbon emissions

The FCDO is committed to meeting the target for a 25% electric fleet by 2022. This target was set for all central government departments.

They are also prioritising low-emission vehicles as part of a wider effort to improve their environmental footprint.

First hybrid and electric flag cars

The first hybrid vehicle arrived in Geneva for the British Embassy at the start of 2019. The new P400e Range Rover is powered by a conventional engine with an electric motor and battery pack.

Jaguar I-Pace parked at Holy See British Embassy, with the small flag at the front that shows it is a diplomat's official vehicle.

The first fully electric vehicle arrived in Oslo at the British Embassy in October, quickly followed by the Holy See later in the month.

Over 25 electric and hybrid cars are in the pipeline over the coming months, which will have a significant impact on the emissions of FCDO diplomatic vehicles.

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