Greener future

FCO Services a leading provider of secure ICT services to UK Government today announced it is a registered participant in the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres – reinforcing its commitment to making energy and cost savings.

Signing up to the EU Code of Conduct puts FCO Services firmly in line with the Government‘s ICT greening strategy and is set to benefit its customers on the G-Cloud frameworks. As a registered participant FCO Services has committed to adopt best practice energy and cost efficient initiatives for their data centres and to migrate ICT services to the Cloud.

Commenting on the announcement FCO Services‘ former Chief Executive Chris Moxey said: “FCO Services is acutely aware of the benefits to be gained from improving the energy efficiency of its data handling facilities. Electing to become a registered participant in the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres marks a significant commitment to our Greening ICT Programme.”

Chris added: “Implementing these cost-effective energy saving measures will help both our business and our customers, but will not compromise the security, performance or reliability of our services.”

The announcement follows FCO Services‘ recent award of both the Carbon Trust Standard and the Carbon Trust Waste Standard – further demonstrating the organisation‘s commitment to energy and cost savings.

FCO Services is a Trading Fund of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). It provides a range of bespoke secure services worldwide to the FCO, other UK government departments and international bodies and governments with close links to the UK. Its services fall into the following areas: secure ICT, secure estates and construction, protective security and secure logistics.

The EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres is a voluntary code – created in response to increasing energy consumption by data centres and the need to reduce the impact of related environmental, economic and energy supply demands. The list of accredited participants can be found on the EU Code of Conduct site.

The Greening Government ICT strategy sets out how government ICT will contribute to green commitments and deliver financial savings as well as efficient, green practices.

G-Cloud is a list of services (a ‘framework‘) through which suppliers provide public sector buyers with cloud-based services such as web hosting, site analytics or document collaboration tools. Prospective buyers should use CloudStore (until Digital Marketplace goes live) to search for services that best match their needs.