FCO Services’ Innovative Data Centre Wins Energy Efficiency Award

Recognised for reducing its environmental footprint, FCO Services’ efficient data centre has won the prestigious European Code of Conduct Awards for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (7 June 2016).

From using rainwater recycling systems for hybrid cooling towers to implementing cold aisle containment and designing the underground structure of the data centre as a natural heat drain – FCO Services have adopted recognised energy efficient best practice to reduce the impact of related environmental, economic and energy demands.

FCO Services Chief Executive, Danny Payne said:

“We are very proud to receive this award. It is a welcome recognition of our commitment to reduce energy consumption in this recognised high demand area. We currently operate at a world class efficiency power usage effectiveness of 1.1, well below the average value of 2.0 seen in most data centres.

“This cost-effective energy saving measure helps both our business and our customers”.

FCO Services signed up to the EU Code of Conduct in 2014 to put the organisation firmly in line with the government‘s ICT greening strategy – reinforcing its commitment to make energy and cost savings.