Enhancing our collaboration with Canada at Missions overseas

Evolving relationship

On 10 June, FCO Services and Global Affairs Canada signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that reflects our commitment to a collaborative partnership. This evolution in our agreement is a significant step forward, and the next step to ensuring we continue to work together for mutual benefit across the globe.

Close partnership

The United Kingdom has always had a special relationship with Canada, and FCO Services and Global Affairs Canada have a similar partnership.

In 2012, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Global Affairs Canada signed a MoU. This MoU set the future direction of the relationship, and underlined the commitment of both nations to work together. Since then, we have worked with each other on several successful projects, including the refurbishment of Canada House and the delivery of diplomatic bags.

The updated MoU creates a more focused approach to our collaboration which will enable us to deliver more projects together.

Our Chief Executive, Danny Payne, who met with Assistant Deputy Minister at Global Affairs Canada, Dan Danagher, in Ottawa said:

It’s a great moment for FCO Services and I’d like to thank everyone involved in making the signing of the MoU such a success.

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