Being understood in every language


When world leaders from the G20 countries gathered in London, they met against the backdrop of the worst international economic crisis in generations and the eyes of the world were upon them.

We provided all the interpreting services at this high profile political event, sourcing and co-ordinating a team of over 40 top-level interpreters, working from and into 14 different languages.

This was a major project of considerable political significance and it was crucial that we delivered the required services to the highest possible standard. Months of planning ensured that we put together the right team of professionally qualified interpreters, working closely with our customers to ensure we could respond swiftly and flexibly to their evolving needs in the run up to the event.

We were praised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and by representatives from other countries for the outstanding quality of our work and the positive contribution it made. Our efforts reinforce our reputation as a provider of best-in-class interpreting services, helping to uphold the reputation of the FCO and the British Government this important global event.