UK NACE supports the NATO Summit 2014


Sixty Heads of State, their representatives and 10,000 support staff attended the 2014 NATO summit in Wales. It was the largest peacetime operation undertaken by NATO. They met against a backdrop of world events including Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Our UK NACE (National Authority for Counter-Eavesdropping) team provided the successful communication and technical security of the event. Preparations began in November 2013 when the event was announced; from April 2014 we worked closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Security Policy Department. Our UK NACE planners kept all interested parties informed during the detailed planning. We provided 16 Technical Security professionals for five days to work on the most advanced inspection, radio monitoring and technical countermeasures in four locations across Wales. Our team remained flexible working around contractors who were still finishing some of conference facilities on the eve of the summit. UK NACE teams provided technical security for the three working dinners attended by Heads of State, Foreign Ministers and Defence Ministers taking place simultaneously at various locations in and around the Cardiff area.

This was a major event of exceptional political significance and it was crucial that discussions could take place between allies in a controlled environment. We delivered the required services to the highest possible standard giving world leaders peace of mind that their dialogue was secure.