Termite infestation threatens building project

FCO Services was asked to oversee a major building works project located within the Asian continent. The project required the existing building to be divided into two; to form two modern working environments, incorporating an extensive refurbishment programme. What set this project aside from others was the added complication of an infestation of the aggressive Formosan termite on an unprecedented scale. Known as ‘silent destroyers’ due to their ability to chew through wood, flooring and wallpaper undetected; they had been destroying the building from within for a considerable amount of time.

Damage to the building was extensive, almost everything internally asides from the structure itself had to be replaced where possible with non-edible material; timber replaced by steel; plasterboard by glasroc and inspection hatches were incorporated into the design of walls for continuous future monitoring. Where wood was the only option, such as with doors, these were isolated as to minimise any potential future damage.

This project involved many teams across FCO Services as well as project managing the sub contracting of specialist terminators and locally engaged tradesmen, working together to ensure a smooth delivery on an ever changing and demanding project. Careful planning ensured the building remained operational throughout the duration of the project; works were completed in phases allowing for works to be carried out on the remaining building. This resulted in minimal disruption and our customer being able to carry out business as usual activity.

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