Speeding up decision-making


When processing work or student visas, one of the checks carried out by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) is whether the potential employee or student has sponsorship from a valid employer or educational organisation in the UK. This information required to make the decisions is held in a consolidated database not easily accessible from abroad where the applications were actually being processed.

To link to the information held in the UK, we created a web-based programme that enabled overseas caseworkers to access the database, which holds information confirming details about the applicant‘s intended work placement or course of study. The secure government communication network was used to transfer authenticated data between the UK and caseworkers abroad.

Prior to the advent of the new system, verification of documentation was time consuming and costly, involving correspondence between officials overseas and in the UK.
Now both parties have access to the database by both parties, information is kept up to date throughout the application process. Using the system, Border Control authorities in the UK can monitor that the placement or study period is actually underway. For our customer, the new system is more efficient, more user friendly, enables quicker decision making and importantly, it is also more secure.