Seismic Strengthening: Indian sub-continent


Our customer had a series of compounds comprising offices, residence, staff accommodation and amenities. A number of the buildings were identified as not being sufficiently resistant to possible seismic events. We were asked to review design work for strengthening buildings and propose a workable design solution to be completed by local contractors. Attempts to secure tenders on the original design had failed, we were asked to assist as we had a proven track record of delivery using local contractor’s thorough similar work in that area.

We amended the original design, and prepared tender documents. Our design incorporated the use of external steel exo-skeletons to strengthen the existing structures. A local contractor was selected to carry out the works to the offices, residence and seven staff houses. We supervised the construction work on site, with close oversight by a Clerk of Works. Our design team in London led by a Senior Structural Engineer monitored progress. Regular visits by the engineer ensured that progress was maintained. The works were completed on time and on budget.

The completed works made the buildings safer and more resistant to a possible future seismic event.  Our expertise allowed us to carry this work out in the most economic manner, using local building contractors, with the project being delivered on time and within budget.