Radios for West Africa

FCO Services Digital Radio Project Management team were engaged to respond to an urgent request from a British Mission in West Africa.  Their analogue radio network needed to be upgraded and allow coverage for personnel and resources deployed by UK government departments in response to the ongoing Ebola epidemic in that area.

Due to the urgent nature and potential risk to personnel the Project Management team engaged with the Mission via secure video conferencing (SecView), applying an enhanced level of risk and planning to this project with a compressed timeframe of 3 months in which to complete the work.

The Digital Radio teams were required to transit through and work amongst the local population; this coupled with the diverse geography and topography of the area posed significant physical and technical challenges.  However, close cooperation with our dedicated supplier and staff at the Mission allowed for the smooth delivery whilst ensuring the safety of the team

FCO Services used their experience and ability to respond quickly and deliver in hostile environments and as a result, there is now a Digital Radio Network.  This allows the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other Government Departments to communicate, independently of local infrastructure. The ability to maintain independent reliable communications when other media has been disabled has been proven to save lives, prevent harm to staff and their families.