Keeping people safe in Baghdad


The British Embassy in Baghdad is the focal point of Britain‘s presence in Iraq, playing host to a large number of military personnel, officers from UK law enforcement agencies and embassy staff. Security-driven enhancements were required throughout the embassy compound to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors on site.

The work included the construction of a new accommodation block for the Gurkha security force of 150, a new Ambassador‘s Residence, additional staff accommodation units, the independent provision of power generation and water supplies on-site, as well as substantial physical security enhancements.

With security at the forefront of our work, we co-ordinated the design and provided the project management for the wide scope of construction works, managing the day-to-day activity of on-site contractors.

Our experience of working in hostile environments enabled us to bring together the right team of highly skilled professionals, to deliver the project on time and on budget. Our proactive project management approach enabled us to complete individual sections of the construction work ahead of schedule to meet the changing security environment, fulfil the requirements of the embassy and complete handover in stages to the customer. Our customer benefited from having our experienced multi-disciplinary team on site supported by an extended network of specialists in the UK. By bringing the new Residence and Gurkha building within the compound, the amount of ‘regular and predicable movements’ to and from the site has been minimised.