Keeping our couriers and cargo secure

 26_Secure Logistics

We are secure logistics experts. Our vehicles deliver classified material effectively and securely, globally. With our fleet operating across different international regions, we continuously ensure the safety of our drivers and vehicles out on the road so they can deliver the goods that our customers entrust us with.

Our vehicles are supplied with a modern tracking system providing us with complete visibility and real-time information on their location.

The safety of our drivers and the security of their freight are paramount and our tracking system provides this increased security. We have full visual contact with our entire fleet, 24 hours a day and our drivers have the added security of a panic button for rapid response assistance in case of emergency. Vehicle data is continually streamed via GPS and mobile technology back to our UK site. An incident summary is generated, identifying any unusual or suspicious activity. This provides added reassurance for our customers who trust us to transport sensitive material on their behalf.