A Jaguar for Grand Cayman

When Grand Cayman needed to replace their flag car, the Governor’s office in Grand Cayman was keen to promote the UK. The office needed to demonstrate that buying British was not just a choice based on quality but value for money too. They engaged with the Overseas Vehicle Procurement Service (OVPS) within FCO Services which was able to guide them through the procurement of a Jaguar XJ.

Transporting the vehicle to Post was the biggest challenge to this procurement as Grand Cayman has no shipping docks. We were aware that a Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship would be departing from the UK to arrive in the Cayman Islands in mid July. We worked with the Grand Cayman government and the regional Defence Advisor based in Kingston, Jamaica to
find a cost effective solution. The vehicle was packaged in an ocean ready container and the ship’s disaster relief team took the opportunity to practise their disembarking and transportation contingency plans using their internal dock. A ‘mexefl oat’ raft was used to carefully float the car from ship to shore safely where it was removed on to the port side.

This is a great example of what can be achieved when teams from the FCO, FCO Services and MOD work collaboratively to deliver quality products while maintaining value for money. This meant that the Grand Cayman government were able to buy a brand new British made vehicle for the same budget that they had expected to spend on a second hand vehicle from the USA.

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