Combining safety and value for money

CS Staff At Server

Previously embassies across the world operated two separate systems for incident alarms and public address in the event of an incident. Reporting an incident via the public address system slowed the response once the alarm had been activated. It also wasn’t cost effective maintaining two systems.

We sourced and installed Vocally Optimised Incident Control Equipment (VOICE), a combined incident alarm and public address system. This alerts the building occupants to potential threats using the latest integrated technology to give timely and relevant warnings as situations develop.

Each type of incident produces different types of automated instructions to the building occupants. The system is flexible and allows Incident Commanders to take control of the situation and direct staff, visitors and emergency services as required.

Combined incident alarm and public address systems in embassies across the world, have helped to make Foreign and Commonwealth Office staff and customers safer. During the delivery of the project, we combined installations in the same geographical area, enabling us to save green miles and reduce travel and logistics costs. We have also provided ongoing value for money by reducing maintenance costs.