Combining FCO Services’ trusted infrastructure with SME’s innovative software

Through our collaboration with Invotra – a supplier of intranets and digital workplaces to government – we provide several government departments with the latest secure and scalable cloud technology contributing to their digital transformation agendas. As a result we now have in excess of 120,000 users across government accessing the service.

The primary customer requested a product to build, host and service their intranet. This required a virtual cloud infrastructure that could rapidly expand and be scaled to tens of thousands of users, a service which had to be cost-effective as the service grew; and, primarily, a service that required enhanced security.

All parties brought their needs to the fore, tailoring a service to fit the provider and consumer, giving all the security and flexibility required. Through effective collaboration, together we now deliver an infrastructure that runs on FCO Services’ Platform as a Service (PaaS) secure cloud and is accessed by government customers; a fully managed solution handling services such as anti-virus, patch management and monitoring; a bespoke service wrap, manual data drops, reporting and service levels; security accreditation processes
across government departments; a support for platform enabling Invotra to maintain their service level agreements; architectural guidance and support on infrastructure and scaling; process and procedural development and documentation; secure remote access and onsite visits; monthly reporting and weekly reviews; efficient change management; and, efficient onboarding process via the Government Secure Application Environment (GSAE) process, led by strong individual efforts.

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