Secure Communications

Secure Video Conferencing Services

We provide high security Video Conference services across the world including to remote and hostile locations. Using data encryption devices we safe-guard your video conference communications.

Building in Security

From building secure rooms, to planning, assembling and installing secure video conferencing systems, you can rely on our security cleared experts to provide you with the environment and systems you need to secure your video conferences.

We use data encryption devices and firewalls which meet the highest government security standards, to safe-guard your communications.  For total security, we recommend that you use our intrusion prevention systems to ensure that the participants are the only ones able to view your video conference.

Through Life Support and Maintenance

We don‘t just install and walk away. We support you through our telephony helpdesk, together with our professional and support services which are tailored to ensure the reliability of your system, from design through to end-of-life.


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