Secure Communications

We make sure you're connected anywhere in the world. We can provide you with telephony services, radio networks, remote satellite links and internet connections on unclassified or confidential platforms.

Secure Mobile Solutions

Our secure, managed and flexible service provides you peace of mind in securely communicating protected data - up to IL4 (confidential) and IL5 (Secret), wherever you are in the world without risk of compromise.

Radio, Satellite and Internet

Whether you need to communicate unclassified or confidential information, we design, build and deploy bespoke radio, satellite and internet communication systems, enabling you to be confident you can communicate in the most remote or hazardous locations.

Secure Telephony

Whether you need secure telephony on telephone lines, ISDN, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) networks or via satellite, we can provide you with systems at a range of classifications and with equipment and environments which can help to protect you against eavesdropping.

Secure Video Conferencing

We provide high security Video Conference services across the world including to remote and hostile locations. Using data encryption devices we safe-guard your video conference communications.

Secure Cabling and Installation

Our security cleared staff will cable and install your secure communication system, fully protecting its security. Using our specialist knowledge of secure data, network, electrical, voice and audio visual installations, we deliver quality security installations tailored to your needs.

Other Services

We provide a range of other secure communications services, including cryptographic support and secure communications consultancy designed to help protect your communications.


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