Secure Communications

Secure Telephone, Networks, Radio and Communication

Whether you need to communicate unclassified or confidential information, we design, build and deploy bespoke radio, satellite and internet communication systems, enabling you to be confident you can communicate in the most remote or hazardous locations.


We design bespoke radio systems. Radio is particularly useful where mobile or cabled telephone lines are unreliable or out of action during severe weather incidents, civil unrest or other emergency situations. We assess your premises and what you want to achieve using radio, and make recommendations about the best systems for you. Our products include short range radio systems and boosters suitable for keeping in touch with your staff locally or for use by security staff, and high frequency systems more suitable for longer range communications between cities or in countries with remote areas. We can advise on obtaining any necessary licences.


Satellite systems are suitable for the longest range of communications and give you the opportunity to contact anywhere in the world. We provide portable and fixed satellite connections which are suitable for voice only, for voice and data, and specialist systems for the highest level of secure communications. Hand-held voice satellite systems - similar to mobile phones - are ideal for first reporting of emergencies from remote areas. Broadband units which offer internet access are suitable for more detailed reporting. We can also provide systems with encrypted phones as well as internet connections.


Our non-cabled networks are ideal for shared communications between disparate buildings across a city, where we can use, for example, microwave technology to link systems such as telephone exchanges. Together with our secure telephony services we can provide you with conventional and Internet Protocol based communication networks for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), email, internet and secure video conferencing at flexible bandwidths and the highest level of cryptographic support.

Through life support and maintenance

We don't just install and walk away.  We support you through our telephony helpdesk, together with our professional and support services which are tailored to ensure the reliability of your system, from design through to end-of-life. 

Rapid Deployment

Assuring your building security in the event of a crisis is critical to the safety and security of your staff and assets. With our global presence of highly qualified and skilled staff, we can be with you rapidly to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of an emergency.


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