Global Management Services

Overseas IT and Communications

Our global network of highly trained and experienced professionals provides you with the assurance that your IT networks and secure communications capabilities remain operational, whether you are based abroad or temporarily located overseas.

Secure Telephony

We provide ongoing support and maintenance, whether your secure telephony system runs on normal telephone lines, GSM, ISDN, IP-networks or satellite, to ensure that your communications remain protected wherever your system is deployed.

Mainline Communications

Ensuring the effective operation of your mainline communications is vital in frontline or remote locations. Our global team of security-cleared engineers will provide you with all the technical support you need for your mainline communications infrastructure.

Cryptographic Systems

Our cryptographic support service enables secure, confidential communications between you and your clients. We help you to authenticate the person with whom you want to communicate, ensure the integrity of your data and, through a choice of encrypted network connections provide and support a private network to share confidential data.

Secure Network System Support

Fault resolution, maintenance, installation, moves or changes to your networks are only a phone call away. Our experienced engineers ensure the reliability of your secure network and business critical systems.  

Local Radio and Emergency Communications

In case of emergency it is essential to have local radio and emergency communication systems that support your business continuity and disaster management plans. Our technicians ensure that your systems remain fully operational to support you in times of crisis.

Rapid Deployment

Assuring your building security in the event of a crisis is critical to the safety and security of your staff and assets. With our global presence of highly qualified and skilled staff, we can be with you rapidly to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of an emergency.

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Maintaining security across the world

Emergency Closure in Georgia

Our priority is to ensure that the environment in which staff work and in which they process and communicate classified information is safe and secure

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