National Security Vetting

We can provide peace of mind in your hiring decisions and aftercare reviews. As one of the authorised suppliers of specialist vetting services to government, we've fifty years of vetting expertise.

Developed Vetting (DV)

This is the most comprehensive form of vetting and is aimed at personnel who require unrestricted or substantial access to Top Secret assets or secure environments. The checks include a number of in-depth personal interviews and references from people who are familiar with the character of the person being vetted.

We also offer Enhanced Developed Vetting, adding an additional level of interviews to the Developed Vetting process where customers require a more in-depth check of their potential or current employees.

Security Check (SC)

This check is for personnel who require substantial access to Secret assets or occasional controlled access to Top Secret assets. This process involves security checks and credit referencing.

We also offer an Enhanced Security Check adding an additional level of investigation to the Security Check process where customers require more in-depth information on potential or current employees.

Counter - Terrorist Check (CTC)

This check is for personnel employed in posts with proximity to public figures, access to information or material assessed to be of value to terrorists.  Checks are made on criminal records and other security information.


Reviews are carried out on personnel who have been vetted previously. The process offers the opportunity to recheck personnel or to reconfirm the suitability of an individual who has previously held a security cleared role.

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Speeding up Security Checks

A new online application system for vetting is helping to speed up the process of National Security Vetting.

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