Global Management Services

Global Building Security Services

Your building security must be maintained at a consistent level to ensure resilience against threats to property and personnel. Our multi-skilled professionals will support your building security systems to assure your security on an ongoing basis.

Building Security Systems

We support security systems like CCTV and Access Control for assurance that your building is controlled, monitored and managed, facilitating daily operations and minimising risk. We understand the importance of these systems and work to ensure they function effectively and reliably, wherever you are in the world.

Technical Security

Our experience in protecting against eavesdropping threats around the world places us in an ideal position to provide you with global technical security assurance services, through surveillance and analysis of out-of-pattern activity across a range of systems as well as advice on policy and procedure.

Physical Security

Maintaining your physical security is critical to the integrity of your building‘s security and is of particular importance in offices with secure zoning. We manage and maintain your physical security systems to ensure that they meet your needs for reliability and protection.

Rapid Deployment

Assuring your building security in the event of a crisis is critical to the safety and security of your staff and assets. With our global presence of highly qualified and skilled staff, we can be with you rapidly to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of an emergency.

Case study highlight

Emergency closure in Georgia

When Russian troops invaded the region, we had to act fast to secure the British Embassy in Tbilisi.

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