Secure Integrated Networks

Biometric System

We help you establish that people are who they say they are. Our experience of biometric data collection technology in 135 countries means we can help you design, build, integrate and support biometric security systems that meet industry recognised standards.

Our extensive technical expertise and security cleared staff have placed us in the centre of HM Government's biometric strategy to improve the security of passports and visa applications.

Design and Infrastructure

Biometric technology is most effective when tightly integrated with your existing applications. We design and develop highly robust systems and infrastructures to support your biometric applications. As a systems integrator we use our experience and capabilities in application development, systems integration, secure networking, and related programming to provide secure business ready systems.

Application Development

We develop industry standard, real-world biometric business applications. With our experienced development team we aim to take commercial off-the-shelf biometric products and software and tailor them into fully customer-focused business applications.


Planned by our experts in advance, the installation, testing and hand-over are completed with least possible disruption of your normal business operations. As part of our seamless service, before you 'go live' our specialist team can support your personnel with the appropriate training.

Secure Hosting

Biometric data requires secure hosting facilities. Within our UK-based Government secure site we provide a range of Secure Hosting Services. We supply the secure infrastructure; servers and data centre expertise to support your biometric systems, helping you adhere to Government and data protection standards.

Project Management

Getting exactly what want from your Biometric systems is vital. We offer ICT project and risk management services to reduce costs, mitigate risks, ensure quality, increase value for money and improve outcomes. We work with you to accurately define the project scope and clarify objectives; we control the project and put in place plans to deal with risks quickly and effectively.

Total Support

We don‘t just install and walk away. We support you 24-7, and our professional project management and support services are tailored to maintain the longevity of your system from design through to end-of-life.

Case study highlight

Making a difference with Biometric technology


Bringing India‘s biometric systems into line with those of the rest of the world meant a modernized visa application process and enhanced service.


Geoff Lockwood

" A momentous milestone has been reached. This is a truly fantastic achievement. We now have the capability to enrol and check biometrics in support of the visa process in 135 countries. Can I therefore take this opportunity to thank all of you, both at home and overseas, for your support what was thought by many to be mission impossible. "