Secure Communications

Secure Telephone, Networks, Radio and Communication

Rapid Deployment

In disaster or war torn communities we have the global reach to mobilise rapidly to restore your communications, assess the safety of your buildings and ensure your environment is secure.


With our global footprint we can ensure rapid deployment of communication networks, wherever they are needed in the world.  We can ensure that effective communication networks are available for the local authorities and relief workers within hours of the disaster and, if required, we can also supply secure network infrastructure for more sensitive transmissions.

Critical Infrastructure

Natural or man made disasters have the potential to affect the critical infrastructure of your operations and buildings. With our global presence, we ensure rapid deployment of professionals where crisis has compromised the integrity or operation of your buildings.

Building Security

Assuring your building security in the event of a crisis is critical to the safety and security of your staff and assets. With our global presence of skilled staff, we can be with you without delay to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of an emergency.

Radio, Satellite and Internet

Case study highlight

The eye of the storm

When Cyclone Nargis swept through Burma, leaving destruction in its wake. It caused significant damage to the British Embassy in Rangoon and cut off its communications with the outside world.

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Case study highlight

When the earth shook

When the earthquake struck in China in 2008, we assisted the local community to ensure they could safely access their homes and offices.

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